Created, designed and produced by Playtomic

Playtomic Apparel was born after glimpsing through our Playtomic App a need in all users of padel and tennis. After a lot of research and deepening in the market of textile products in the sports sector, Playtomic Apparel was created. With the ambition to find the perfect collision between premium design and the technicality and functionality of each garment.

The main idea of this project is to be able to dress all those users of our App who have so often asked for a "tasteful" sports line. For years we have been looking for an elegant, stylish and above all functional brand to accompany us from the beginning to the end of our matches. We are the clothes that you are proud to wear, and with which you feel complete while playing. It gives you strength and energy to trust yourself and feel more powerful in every game.

At Playtomic Apparel we believe that to give your all in a match, you need to feel comfortable and at ease with yourself, which is why we believe in the firm purpose of creating clothing designed and characterised by style. We were born on the court with the desire to find the perfect balance between exclusive design and the technicality of the product, designed for and by court sports.

Our first collection features selected pieces, imagined and designed by our design team in Spain.

 High-performance materials

Playtomic Apparel is made up of a team of professionals in all areas and amateur padel and tennis players. That is why the garments have been tested and for us the materials must be of high quality and able to adapt to each person and their movements.


That's why, with our minds always on the court, we have imbued our first collection with the essence of racket sports. We have gone a step further in its design: we have chosen the most sophisticated and delicate patterns and compositions, always with attention to detail. Pieces made with the highest craftsmanship and top quality.

Patterns and compositions are 100% created for low and high performance sport. Soft fabrics for a better adaptation to the skin and for greater sensitivity. Optimal freedom of movement during training. Sweat absorbing, breathable and breathable.


We work to combine design and performance: the fusion between technical and elegant, between court and atelier. Players, but with style.


We firmly believe that sportswear doesn't have to be boring, drab or grey. We think of our garments like a rocket: the most impeccable engineering, with a touch of style and passion.


Passion for detail: we are artisans, creators of essential garments, always designing with the highest quality and the smallest detail.

Passion for the racquet: our collection is oriented to offer the best functionalities to accompany you during your matches, with innovative fabrics that adapt to the body and your movements.

Passion for durability: We believe that the best way to reduce our carbon footprint is to reduce our production. We design timeless garments that will always be with you, combining functionality and contemporaneity.

Designed in Spain, made in Portugal

We have total control over our products, which is why our collection is limited in the first instance, in order to have less margin for error when it comes to testing our products. We are the only designers of our garments and the following steps are mandatory for our creation process:

The entire creative process is developed in house, by designers who are experts in the fashion environment and in sports and technical clothing. In this way, we have full control over the garments we build. Thanks to this, we can respond better and more efficiently to our customers' expectations.

Our "made in Portugal" products are created and manufactured by the best manufacturers specialised in sports technology. All products are manufactured by Portuguese workshops. This gives the garments an unbeatable and precise quality. To this we must add the design previously elaborated by our team with an elegant touch.