Choose the dress for your best matches

How to dress when playing padel

It is always recommended to play padel with the right clothing for the best performance during the match. Wearing the right clothes allows you to play with more comfort, lightness and freedom of movement. If you feel comfortable during your matches and you don't have to keep an eye on your clothes, it means that you will concentrate 100% on your game.

Even if you are an amateur or you are going to start padel as a beginner, you should know that it is very important the clothes that will accompany you during your training or during your matches.


The dress is a very popular garment in the world of padel for women. It is a garment that gives you absolute mobility, fits your body and accompanies you in every movement. It is a basic element in the world of padel or tennis. Great sportsmen and women use the dress for high performance matches. In addition, the dress is accompanied by tight-fitting pants, such as cycling shorts, as they are usually very short so that the movement of the dress does not interrupt your movement. The pants should be very tight for extra support and to be able to store your balls quickly.

Wearing a tight-fitting, breathable, super-soft dress is not only very comfortable but also very chic. It's a sexy and comfortable way to play.


We recommend our dress in navy or white, perfect for the spring-summer season. Don't forget that if the weather is bad, the dress can always be worn with a legging underneath.